Friday, April 25, 2008

The Thing From Another World, Comic Panels

Here's a handful of the more interesting and hillarious scenes from the incredibly awful comic adaptation and spin off from John Carpenter's The Thing.


Jon Chandler said...

Hi Aeron, I usually follow this blog with great interest but little comment. But I have to pipe up when this comic is mentioned. I was obsessed with the Thing ever since I saw it aged 8 or 9 so(fuelling many nightmares for many years) so I was really excited when I found this comic as a teenager. But god it was awful, the writer just hadn`t really bothered to watch the film at all it seemed. It made no sense at all and was so annoying because Macready`s internal dialogue was voiced in speech bubbles as if he was constantly talking to himself. very annoying. And tehn to have it move to the JUNGLE was hilarious. The Thing in the jungle would be game over for mankind.

Aeron said...

Hey Jon, how's Japan? And yes, this comic series is really awful! I downloaded a collection of a dozen something issues off of demonoid awhile back. These panels when seen isolated from the rest of the crap of the comics though certainly puts them in a weird and more entertaining light!

They should have let Junji Ito write and draw these comics, then we'd have something!

Jon Chandler said...

oh yeah Junji Ito would have made and ace crack at this. I`ve tried to figure out how to do a sequel to the Thing many times (it doesn`t really need one though) and I thought it would be funny to find out that the Thing doesn`t really care about taking over mankind, but just wants to pretend to be a family guy. The only reason it starts taking people over is when it felt threatened. I think one of the cleverest moves of the film was to avoid having any direct converse with the Thing, and incapacitating all the scientist types fairly early on. It`s really one of the most complex and perfect sci-fi movies out there. I could go on because yes I wrote my dissertation on the Thing in film school.
I agree that these panels on their own look amazing. I imagine if I was a kid and I saw this post I would be thinking `I want to see that comic NOW.`

Aeron said...

Yeah, the Thing could have some yuppy family, doin the cookout thing. The wife yells at it for forgetting the hotdogs so its fingers mutate off its hand and drop into the grill turning into sizzlin sausages as new fingers grow back to hold the spatula. Or I'd imagine it laying on a beach in some tropical tourist hang out sippin some fruity alcoholic beverage only to have some goddamn helicopter fly in out of nowhere shooting and throwing grenades at it to ruin its fun, yet again! Fuckin helicopters! Hah.

I guess the xbox or ps2 game that came out a few years ago for The Thing was supposed to be a sequel to the movie. I never checked it out so I don't know much about it. And I'd have to put this movie in my top ten. I think I've seen it at least 30 times, although much of that was while I was drunk or doing something else but still, great movie that never gets old. I wish modern movies had the gritty realistic handmade monster effects this film had instead of the crap CGI that is used everywhere.

Anyway, I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!