Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mythological and Fantastic Creatures Clip Art

Head over to the Rapid Library and click on the download link for a large collection of clip art depicting a wide range of weird creatures, many of which I've shown here in their original painted or drawn forms in past posts.

Some people are having trouble with the above url, this link should bypass a few steps, click on the free link at the bottom right.


Anonymous said...

Great resource, but is there a password for the .zip file that you know of? It looks to have protected files that require a password to extract.

Aeron said...

Strange, I downloaded the file and didn't have any password window come up. Is it asking for the password after you've downloaded the zip file and are trying to unstuff it or is it previous to downloading the file? If so then you might be hitting a wrong turn to the download link which is easy to do with rapidshare..

After typing the letter in the window on the first page it will take you to a second page with a list of checkmarks, at the bottom of that screen click on the far right link titled Free. This will take you to a third page with a countdown, once it reaches zero a new page opens with a list of download options, the bottom of which should be an alpha/numeric with cats and dogs that you must type into the white bar below. THEN you should get the download. It sounds complicated but is easy enough to navigate through.

Rapidshare is obnoxious about these hoops you have to jump through to have access to their bandwith.

Aeron said...

Also, for anyone interested here's some great links to high resolution color photographs from WW2..

Unknown said...

Great stuff! but I cant download it, I put the letter in the box then it was rediredted to here
it just tell to install that zango thing but there no download link, serching in google I obtained the direct rapishare link but the link its broken, could you post it again better the direct rapidshare link please?


Aeron said...

Try this url -

Unknown said...

You can try to download this file here -