Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jean Duvet - The Apocalypse Series, engravings 1546-1555

"Plate 14: the worship of the seven-headed beast;"

"Plate 12: the woman clothed with the sun, facing the seven-headed dragon, and looking up, watching her son being blessed by God;"

"Plate 21: the angel of God binding and locking up Satan for a thousand years; "

"Plate 18: the fall of the Whore, and the people of Babylon fleeing from the devastated city;"

"Plate 13: St Michael and his angels fighting the dragon;"

Plate 11: St John the Evangelist measuring the temple of God with the reed given to him by the angel, top left, while in the foreground, the Gentiles are watching the two witnesses being killed by the beast;"

Plate 17: the whore of Babylon, sitting on the seven-headed beast, admired by the kings of the earth, while in the background, Babylon is burning;"

Plate 16: the worship of the dragon with two horns and the beast with seven; in the upper part, God distributing the vials of the seven last plagues to his angels;"

I only posted a handful of these incredible Duvet engravings from the British Museum. Type Jean Duvet into the "Free text" section of this search page to see many more engravings from this series.

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