Saturday, October 06, 2007

Devil Prints

Temptation in the Wilderness, engraving from 1557.

Imprisonment of Satan, engraving from 1536.

Papal Throne, engraving from 1545. "Adorning the title-page of a work by Martin Luther against the papacy, the papal throne is shown at the flaming maw of hell."

Satan Bound, engraving from 1527. "An angel binds the beast in the abyss for the thousand years of peace."

All works found on this site.

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Anonymous said...

hi man, I'm new to your blog but it's really interesting to me. I've got the same fascination for odd and gory art since when Iwas a child.I found "igyu no soiree" de antoine bernhardt for a ridiculous price...what a piece of madness! Wicked stuff. but bloody well done. I would ask you if you can suggest me a site with medieval wood engravings...concerning murderous event, of course.I would need em for a small project of mine.
Ask or not, keep this good work up!


LDB from hazy middle Italy