Friday, September 07, 2007

Christine Sefolosha

Here is an article on Sefalosha at Dilettante Press with a gallery of her paintings.

Another gallery of her paintings can be seen at the Judy A Saslow Gallery.


MD Encolpius said...

unbelievably beautiful stuff, wow. Doesn't even look like watercolor at first glance. Amazing...I haven't seen something so good in awhile.

Li-An said...

I love this ones. Strange and weird.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
just browsing and then I find these images....mine! I thought I understood you were coming to show yours in Yverdon, Maison de l'ailleurs? I was there big. of July..
Next Sunday in Chicago for an exhibit...itsnt this all monstruously...coincidental!

Aeron said...

Glad to see you on here Christine, I love your work. If you ever set up your own site I'd be happy to link to it. And I wish I could make it to Chicago to see your paintings in person!