Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Danny Flynn
Check out Danny Flynn's official website here.


Fernando José Ladislao said...

Long time silent reader.
Your blogs sure are great. I would like to thank you for sharing this kind of information, completely unreachable without this blog thing.

For instance, I've downloaded the Codex Seraphinianus a few weeks ago from the link you posted and I am amazed with its inspiring --not to say mind-blowing-- drawings.
Or I could saw movies on the work of Roland Topor, whom I knew only by name.
Again, I wish to thank you for your work.

And I was wondering if you've read this comic sometime, made in Italy since 1980s: Dylan Dog - L'indagatore dell'incubo
It´s about a sort of detective of supernatural things. But through monsters and such things it speaks about human nature, touching topics such as love, loneliness, humour. Thought you could get to like it as much as I do.

Adam Black said...

I just found this blog today, and I've already wasted about five hours just looking at all the delightfully hideous eye-candy.

This site is like crack. You, sir, are officially an eye-crack dealer! :)

Aeron said...

Thanks for the link, Fernando. The theme reminds me of the work of a friend of mine, Fufu Frauenwahl. He's doing a fantastic comic called "Ray Murphy - Detective of Dreams" Check out his site to see examples from it.. http://www.fufufrauenwahl.com/

And the Codex, I agree, really amazing stuff. I'll admit the scan job for the collection in the torrent was a little rough but I'll take what I can get considering how rare and expensive the book is!

Anyway, thanks Adam and Fernando, lots more great art to come.