Thursday, July 05, 2007

Craig Yoe's "Arf Forum"

The above demonic scene was created by Henry Heath, brother of cartoonist William Heath. Craig has managed to find nearly 20 demon, devil, witch and beast infested engravings by Heath to show off in this latest installment of Arf.

Covers by the mysterious William Ekgren. Arf Forum includes 4 psychedelic and horrific comic covers by Ekgren. There's also a fantastic portrait of the artist by Brendan Danielsson.

Above is a cropping from a portrait I made of Max Ernst for the Arf Forum. It is included with a selection of pages from Ernst's surrealistic collage graphic novel "Une Semaine de Bonté."

The third in a series of books devoted to art and comics, Arf Forum collects a wide variety of cartoon/comic related artists spanning hundreds of years and numerous genres. The above is a small example of what the book has to offer, you can view more pages from the book at the official Arf site here.
To purchase the book visit this page at amazon.

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Paul Rumsey said...

Those Henry Heath drawings look very similar to the erotic Romantic "Diableries" of Achille Deveria and his school, like Eugene le Poitevin (or Poittevin).
Young women and priapic devils. There are a lot reproduced in the Taschen book Erotica Universalis, Volume one, Gilles Neret.