Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beasts and Witches

I've had the lower 3 paintings sitting around for the past year and hadn't been able to figure out who painted them. Many thanks to Paul Rumsey for helping me identify these works. Now the crab one is still a mystery.


Anonymous said...

Salvator Rosa, the one with the hung man is in the National Gallery London, the round one is in the Cleveland Museum of Art and you can find the other one at

Aeron said...

Thanks Paul, I thought Salvator Rosa would be responsible for one of these.

Anonymous said...

The crab is by Paul Lehr, a science fiction illustrator active during the 60s-70s, most likely done for a paperback cover.

Anonymous said...

Paul Lehr painted the crab, as a cover for THE NETS OF SPACE by Emil Petaja, Berkley Books, 1969.