Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lambert's "Book of Flowers"

You're probably wondering like I was just what in the hell paintings like these have to do with flowers. Well the following quote should clear that up.

"an encyclopedia of Biblical, chronological, astronomical, geographical, theological, philosophical and natural history subjects. It is an extract or synopsis from different authors, and was begun in 1090 and finished in 1120. Written originally in Latin, it was later translated into French as Le Livre fleurissant en fleurs. Lambert saw the compilation as a bouquet of flowers plucked from the heavenly meadow "that the faithful bees may fly together to them and drink from them the sweetness of the heavenly potion." At least nine manuscript copies, dating from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries, are known to exist. All were produced in northern France or Flanders." quote source.

"The Liber floridus (c. 1120) of Lambert of Saint-Omer is an unoriginal miscellany, but it has an interest of its own in that it discards practical matters in favour of metaphysical discussion and pays special attention to such subjects as magic and astrology." - quote source.

All of these paintings are dated from the 15th century, long after the book was originally created. I'm unaware of the artist responsible for these incredible illustrations for the book other than they were probably from Flanders.

Click the numbers to see more miniature paintings from this book.
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