Sunday, June 17, 2007

Follower Of Bosch
"Flemish, second half 16th century Christ in Limbo, oil on wood"

I've spent a great deal of time staring at this painting in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It's really amazing to be able to explore the individual paint marks in this weird hellish fantasy world up close. There is an original Hieronymus Bosch painting (Ecce Homo) a few rooms down from this work.

This painting is attributed to Bosch but I don't believe it's his work. But perhaps it is based on a lost Bosch Painting?


Paul Rumsey said...

Thanks for these Aeron, I have'nt seen them before, the "Christ in Limbo" is very interesting, the giant figure looks like a cross between a "Mouth Puller" and a "Sheela-na-gig", which are found as stone carvings on Medieval churches. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Hello, first really great site.. great no, amazing. you can't imagine how long time i search this first painting!! i'm french guy and i love demons hell fall of the angels monsters etc like you. i put your site in my bookmarks

Thanks you


Anonymous said...

Sorry i forget to ask you for the first painting here

you know who is the guy who made her?
from minneapolis museum ?

thanks you