Monday, May 14, 2007

Ralph McQuarrie

Carrying on with the pulp Science Fiction artwork, here is a selection of paintings by Ralph McQuarrie. This is the artist responsible for most of the imagery found in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. Looking through his paintings it's unfortunate to see how much of his more fantastic imagery wasn't used in the films. The giant albino spider thing would have been great to see on film, or that giant troll creature in the Ewok village.

You can find more artwork by McQuarrie in this flickr gallery.

There is a large art book collecting much of Ralph McQuarrie's paintings coming out later this year. For details on this book and how to obtain it, click here.

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Scythemantis said...

The troll creature did make it into the made-for-TV Ewok movie, which many people loathed but I found pretty cool as a child. There were two of them, actually, and they had a variety of interesting creatures and villains. Giant tarantula-like spiders live in symbiosis with the giant, and there's a moray-eel looking creature that lives in hollow trees and has a furry mouse-like "lure" on its tongue.