Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Konrad of Megenberg's "Book Of Nature"

Here are some of the stranger works found in Megenberg's Book of Nature from 1499. The book collected everything known from natural history at the time. And while much of what is illustrated appears fantastic, it was all based at least partly on fact or accepted truths from the time. View more illustrations from this collection by clicking on the following numbers... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Images were found here.

And don't miss the fantastic article at BibliOdyssey on Konrad's Book Of Nature with other illustrations.

To learn more about Megenberg and his writings, click here.


pk said...

Great stuff thanks. Not sure if I've seen it. Those early german woodcuts all run into one another in my mind unless I'm concentrating on a particular book.

(irony: I was here a little while ago and spent near an hour (!) trying to dig up more on Van Arent - wasn't particularly successful: might be something at Louvre or Lyons but I didn't check. I wonder if the British Museum have ever had an exhibition, seeing as they hold the original drawings - misteraitch is the man to find catalogues if there was one)

pk said...

Sorry...I mean: Arent van Bolten.