Monday, April 02, 2007

The Drawings Of Zdzislaw Beksinski
The Dmochowski Gallery contains the greatest collection of works by Beksinski online. Visit this page to see an amazing collection of drawings made by Beksinski from earlier in his life.

Additional works by Beksinski in this gallery can be viewed here, here and a collection of his photographs can be seen here.

Also, if not for Piotr Dmochowski the world would have access to far fewer works by Beksinski. I am very grateful for his collecting and exhibiting these numerous works.

View more Beksinski here.


bolloxi mississippi said...

i love beksinski.

i love your blog.

keep up the good work.

pk said...

Wow. Aeron, this makes me feel more guilty than I usually feel for not visiting as often as I want/should (I feel the same thing about a *ton* of sites, I might add). I was just perusing the April archives page with a smile for that whole great array of dragons. Bravo. Fantastic stuff.

Hey, I saw some fine print written at an Artyclopedia results page the other day that led to this link. It has >7000 prints from Ambrosiana library in Milan. I haven't had a chance to check through much yet but the fine print said this: find an image you like which appears as a thumbnail. Get the URL and remove "sm" from the URL -----> resulting image is very large. [this is not mentioned on the Notre Dame site at all apparently]

I'd be very surprised if there wasn't material in there you'd like. Anyway, thought I'd pass it over. I'm busy and gawd knows when I'll get around to doing a proper trawl of the site. Cheers.