Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JosÈ Guadalupe Posada - Temptations of St Anthony
One of my favorite works by Posada, a relief etching on zinc from 1910.


Klaus Reis said...

Would you have more links to pages with Posada's works? Iam writing a paper about popular engravings and it will be good if I could see some other works of him. Thanks in advance. (sorry if I write in a poor English. I am a artist from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)

pk said...

Klaus, if the maestro doesn't mind me self-linking, I compiled a whole set of Posada links here.
I'd just come in to say that this is a great find - I'm sure I haven't seen this print before. Thanks. I would love to see a better site devoted to Posada - Mexico have an ok digital library: I would have thought he deserved a detailed exhibition there.

aeron said...

Sorry for the long delay to response, I need to go through many of these posts and get in some proper feedback. And thanks pk for the links. I have a very fat book of Posada art that I found for very cheap at a used bookstore many years ago that I'll probably be scanning works out of sometime down the road. And my post on Posada from nearly a year ago appears to have some dead links, so I'll have to fix that soon. http://monsterbrains.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html I try to clean up dead links on the archive pages whenever possible.