Thursday, February 08, 2007

Edgar Ende
Many nightmarish and surreal works on display at this gallery.

Link found thanks to Deadcalm.


Human Mollusk said...

What many people might not know is that Edgar Ende was the father of the late great phantastical and children's books writer Michael Ende. Among many other books he wrote the novel which the movie Neverending Story was based on; the book's tenthousand times better than the movie though.
Edgar Ende had an interesting way of finding ideas for paintings: he would sit for hours on end in a completely dark room until images would start to form in front of his mind's eye. He had a specially made pen with a light attached to it which he would then turn on and immediately scribble down a sketch to later flesh it out on canvas. As far as I know a major portion of Ende's paintings was destroyed in WW 2.

aeron said...

Fascinating back info on the artist Fufu, thanks. Was the art labeled as "Ent Art" by the nazi regime or was it simply blown apart in some random bombing I wonder. And on a somewhat related note.. Patrick Woodroffe, one of the artists I recently mentioned did the art design for Neverending Story 2.

Human Mollusk said...

Wasn't entirely sure about all the details, so I just checked the wikipedia article on Ende: Some paintings were indeed confiscated as "Entartete Kunst"(=degenerate art) by the Nazis but I don't know wether they actually destroyed any. Often they kept seized modern art, because they were aware how valuable some of it was on the international art market.
In fact, 250 paintings (70 percent of his oeuvre) were burnt when a British bomb hit his Munich studio in 1944.
Ende's art has always fascinated me, and I think it's a pity he's usually overlooked in the surrealist movement even though his style is so original.

kelly said...

i am dying to see some of his work in person... does anyone know where on earth it might be on display? is there a collection, or is it all spread apart all over the place?