Thursday, January 18, 2007

Herri met de Bles

A Flemish painter who made large detailed landscape paintings that were based more in fantasy then reality and as can be seen in the above painting, was inspired by Hieronymus Bosch.

"He was known as "Civetta" (little owl) because of his habit of marking his paintings with an owl inserted somewhere in the landscape. The lack of dated works by met de Bles makes it difficult to establish a definitive chronology for the artist.

Met de Bles is known for his inventive "world landscapes," vast panoramas seen from an elevated bird's-eye view, and filled with minute detail. These landscapes usually included a narrative religious scene in the foreground, thereby combining late medieval piety with a new, Renaissance interest in the physical, material world." - quote taken from here.

Be sure to click the painting above "Christ In Limbo" to see a detailed view of it. To see it in further detail, click here.

There's an incredibly large (2.4 MB) copy of the painting "Landschaft mit Bergwerk" near the bottom of this page, click on the title to see the largest version. Notice the amazing Jan Brueghel painting just below it.

Click below to see more paintings by de Bles...

Paradise - Orpheus In Hades - The Fall Of Lucifer - The Inferno

And then there is this example of a painting based on The Temptation Of Saint Anthony. It is attributed to the Workshop of Herri met de Bles. If anyone knows of a larger version in color, I'd really like to see it.

And another painting of Saint Anthony by de Bles.
Again this one is unfortunately a very small example. I'd really like to see a larger version of this, so if you can help me with that I'd appreciate it!

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