Friday, January 12, 2007

Hendrik Goltzius
Above is an engraving titled "The Punished Fallen Into Hell" from the 16th-17th century filled with odd beasts made by the Dutch painter and printmaker, Hendrik Goltzius.

Click below to see another engraving by Goltzius...
"The Companions Of Cadmus Devoured By A Dragon"

Venus Marina no. 5 of the series Children of Demogorgon, circa 1594 (A chiaroscuro wood cut printed from three blocks in black and brown inks)

Angels Separating The Good From The Bad, Engraving from 16th - 17th century. (There's some really bizarre creatures in the upper right corner)

Here's a detail view of the monsters from the "Angels Separating The Good From The Bad" engraving.

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