Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mat Brinkman - Online Comics
Having recently discovered that the Highwater Books website still has its comics archive onlline, I found this great collection of Mat Brinkman comics. He was one of the first artists I posted about here back in mid January. Check out the incredible Paper Rodeo contributions Mat has made over the years at the Fort Thunder website.

If you enjoy Mat's comics be sure to pick up "Teratoid Heights", a compilation of various mini comics he's done. It's available in this list of comics for purchase.

And check out these 2 great colored drawings by Brinkman.


bryan reynolds said...

Mat Brinkman (and Brian Chippendale) have an exhibit of their work at the art museum near the Rhode Island School of Design.
Mat constructed a giant paper mache ogre that moves.
it's huge.

aeron said...

Wish I could make it there, I'd love to check that stuff out.