Sunday, December 31, 2006

Favorite Blogs Of 2006

1. BibliOdyssey
- I always enjoy seeing what strange and esoteric imagery has been dug out of the secret depths of the internet on this site. And as an artist this place is a constant inspiration.

2. Datajunkie - The site took a break over the past month but it's back in action now. A great array of weird horror, mystery, crime and sci fi comics available for download as well as great radio programs that gravitate towards the horrific and sci fi.

3. La Main Gauche - I love the taste this blogger has with artists and imagery. The dark and the fantastic is always a good combination.

4. Dead Calm - If you've browsed through Dead Calm you might have noticed we share a very similar interest in art. I'm constantly finding great artists of the fantastic on here that I was previously unaware of.

5. Beasts! - Although geared towards promoting a single although amazing book, the site embraces and shows off imagery of various other beasts. And hey, it's another blog that embraces monsters!

6. The Woodring Monitor - I was surprised and incredibly excited this year when one of my favorite artists started up his own blog. And he's gone on to post on a very regular basis with dozens of incredible drawings, paintings, and photos of toys he's designed.

7. Brian McKenzie - One of my favorite artist discoveries of 06. Brian's blog displays many of the uniquely detailed and surreal etchings he's made. He's also a very cool person, thank you for the awesome Christmas card Brian! I never thought I'd have to make plans to get a Christmas card framed.

8. Craoblog - Another favorite artists I stumbled across. Craoman makes very disgusting and bizarre artwork with mutated looking people. I always look forward to seeing what weird piece of artwork will be updated on his blog.

9. Richard A. Kirk - I was amazed by the intricate detail of Richard's drawings. Be sure to fully investigate his site to see all the fantastic imagery he's made.

10. Blanquet's Journal - Blanquet is up there amongst my favorite living artists, his blend of the horrific and fantastic is exactly what I look for in art. It's interesting to see what he's up to on a regular basis.

And of course ... 11. Eaten By Ducks! - A bunch of hooligans makin stuff, I'm excited to be part of this crazy group of artists. And I know we'll have some great collaborations in the coming year.

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greg said...

Thanks Aeron, and happy new year.