Friday, November 10, 2006

Ben Catmull's "Monster Parade"

One of the few comic purchases I've made this year, Monster Parade is a short anthology about my favorite subject matter. It opens with a person watching a storm brewing across the sky. From it waltzes a giant four armed old man throwing lightning bolts. Then comes a giant bird like creatures squaking, after that a floating whale with eyes lined down the sides of its body, incredibly strange imagery for the opening of a book. The rest of the comic involves a monster on a train, a description of a bizarre town where people fish for unusual sea life in a river, are haunted by unusual demons on the toilet, are subject to giant crazed apes who terrorize the town late at night, and are watched from across the river by peculiar monsters, fantastic stuff. I encourage anyone that is a fan of this blog to purchase this book, you won't be dissapointed.

To see preview pages of the book and an interview with the artist, click here.


Matt Kish said...

"Monster Parade" is easily one of my favorite books of the year. Catmull's "Paper Theatre" is an amazing collection of work too. I read where he says he would like to eventually collect all the issues of "Monster Parade" into a nice thick hardcover (similar to "Black Hole") which would be amazing. There just aren't enough great books like this.

aeron said...

I agree, there are far too few comics to get excited about, at least that I've found lately. There is the new one by David Sandlin, "Swamp Priest", An illustrated novel by Shaun Tan that is due out. Not much else that I've noticed. At least there is new work by Al Columbia to look forward to, and if his daily cartoons are any indicator, he's got piles of new comics on the way. I'd love to see "Monster Parade" collected into a large volume. Those strange city scenes and monsters roaming through stormy skies are incredible.