Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sally Cruikshank

"Sally Cruikshank is a self-taught animator whose distinctive style is fairly well known, despite her moniker being far from a household name. Her art is instantly recognizable for its whimsical, nodescript characters, bright colors, and surreal environments that often give life to inanimate objects. (Not surprisingly, Cruikshank holds Max Fleischer cartoons among her biggest influences.) " quote taken from here.

I usually keep the animation stuff on my other blog but what the hell. Watch these cartoons!!!

Quasi at the Quackadero
Face Like A Frog
Make Me Psychic

You can purchase a dvd that compiles all of Sally's animations from this site.

Click here to see some hand painted and inked cells from Sally's animations.
And a few more are available for sale here.
More paintings can be seen on this flick page.

Check out Sally's blog here.

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