Thursday, October 12, 2006

Giovanni Battista Nazari

This page contains the woodcuts from Nazari's allegorical book "Three Dreams on Metallic Transmutation". There's only a small handful of works on display there but the images are incredibly strange. One showing a circle of chicken like creatures wearing masks dancing around a large mule, another image shows a hydra like creature or instrument with human heads attached from over a dozen places. Then there is the creature above, many strange animals.

An extended summary of the book they are illustrations from can be read here.

Woodcuts found thanks to BibliOdyssey


pk said...

Beinecke Library have a colour version [looks like a painting without wooduct actually]. I've always wanted to see the original of that photocopied woodcut. I seem to recall tearing my hair out looking for other versions.
{if that link doesn't work for some reason, look up 'snips' at Bib}

aeron said...

Thanks for the pic! I saw a few much smaller and cruder colored versions of this on google and didn't bother linking to them. This one though looks fantastic!