Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scott Flament
For those not familiar with Flament, you're in for an exciting ride through a strange world of monsters and ancient architecture. His worlds are so full of intricate details that it's easy to become lost in. I don't think I've seen a fantasy world so fully realized in paint since Wayne Barlowe's "Inferno". There is a great deal of Lovecraft influence in much of the works.

Click here to read a biography on the artist.

Here are some large examples of Flament's paintings.

The Lady of the Worm (contains nudity)
After the hunt
The Sanctuary Bath
The mistresses of the Crab
The Valley of the Sirens
The Ancient Valley of Maoana Kor
The Errante
The Fleeing
On the Threshold of Liv Gvorn
Harmonie du Soir
Bolom Combor Stellar Haven
The Journey of the Moonflowers
Neptunian des Illusion
The Paths of the Moonflowers

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