Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dante's Inferno
Here is a collection of high quality scans from an Italian copy of "The Divine Comedy".
Here is an interesting illustration of the Inferno.
Gustave Dore's illustrations of Hell.
An illustration from Dante's Inferno by William Blake.
Click here to see a collection of clips from the 1912 silent film based upon Dante's Inferno.

The following isn't associated with Dante's Inferno, at least not directly, but I wanted to show you a few more interesting works related to the Devil before the day is over.
Here is a painting of Hell by the Limbourg Brothers.
Click here to see an engraving by Albrecht Duerer of a Knight, Death and the Devil.
I linked to Barlowe back in January, but here is a direct link to his "Inferno" painting series.

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