Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brian Mckenzie
Brian has a fantastic blog where he's posted a selection of his bizarre prints. There is an emphasis on strange characters in costumes and odd creatures. Scroll down his blog to the "seven viruses" drawing, really amazing work. Be sure to check back often as I'm sure there will be much more strange imagery posted here in the future.

Link found thanks to BibliOdyssey

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pk said...

Good show - dude deserves press. There is a dearth of good quality modern etchings around besides ex libris, which I find difficult to understand. Etchings rock. And Brian McKenzie's work is excellent.

I actually wrote to him/his wife suggesting they put up the copyright notice before I posted it. Good thing to as my entry got BoingBoinged.

[I found it by accident trawling delicious where his wife had saved it with a 'modest' description}.