Sunday, May 07, 2006

Henry Clarke

I discovered the illustrations of Clarke in my teens within a copy of Edgar Allen Poe's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination". His Art Nouveau style with the skeletal figures and strikingly bizarre creatures have stayed in my head ever since.


I came across the above image here. If anyone knows where I could find more examples by this artist or even their name, please tell me, thanks!


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

It says Takenaka dogura if you save the image, but I searched that name and found nothing.

Paul Rumsey said...

The Harry Clarke illustrations for Goethe's Faust are brilliant, it is worth tracking down a copy, there are many more illulstrations than on the Grandmas Graphics site. It was reprinted in 1985. Clarke also illustrated a verse collection called "The Year's at the Spring",1920, all of these are now online at, my favourite is his picture for G.K. Chesterton's "The Donkey", a really mad donkey with surreal worms,or are they fish? Paul.

Aeron said...

The Donkey pic is really strange, looks almost like a scene from a modern day horror manga! I like the nocloo site but wish they weren't so obsessed with smearing every work of art on their page with that damn watermark logo, it really cheapens the experience of seeing all those great illustrations.

Matthew said...

artists name is Eitaro Takenaka
pretty famous japanese artist you can google his name for more illistrations