Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tobias Tak
I became associated with Tobias through He's an incredibly nice guy with many interesting ideas. I hope to collaborate with him down the road.

His drawing style and content reminds me of those old Betty Boop cartoons with classic children tales such as Alice In Wonderland mixed in. He has a very unique way of interpreting these things into his own very surreal and imaginary world. His comic "Upside Down" involves many strange characters such as Klazeena, the glamorous Schlènzy and the wizard Gaboon. In the book there is a world where everything is upside down, playing on the unusual idea of characters who stand upside down actually being right side up. You can purchase his book here. If you go to his main site attached to the picture link you'll be able to find many other places to purchase his work.

Also, apart from being an incredible artist, Tobias is also a well accomplished tap dancer, singer and choreographer.

Article on Tobias Tak
Section on Tobias from Lambiek

I will be dedicating the next full week to erotic artists that fit into the monstrous and surreal style.

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