Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fufu Frauenwahl
I've participated in a couple of projects that have involved Fufu. An online comics jam from a few years back that took place on the comics journal messageboard and the currently in the works "Narrative Corpse" project.

Apart from his numerous and highly detailed drawings for various Fantasy, Sci - Fi and Horror projects, Fufu has created "Ray Murphy, Detective of Dreams", an interactive flash comic that takes place in a surreal nightmarish world. There is also "Mollusk Head" a comic that is arranged in a very unique and interesting seamless pattern. It takes place in the same fictional world as "Ray Murphy, Detective Of Dreams" and contains all sorts of bizarre characters and strange places. Here is a link to Molluskhead 1
- A Day in the Life of Ray Murphy's Assistant, Molluskhead 2 - The Assistant of Ray Murphy, and don't miss "Mollusk Head 3" located at the top of this page. The unusual colors fit the imagery very well.

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