Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Matthew Kirscht
Here is a demented collection of paintings that involve demonic candy, bats, pumpkin headed creatures and many other Halloween themed creatures.


Luke P. said...

Aeron- two artist I think you'll like ( if you haven't already heard of them, of course)

Roland Topor : http://www.rolandtopor.net/


Clark Ashton Smith : http://www.eldritchdark.com/

aeron said...

Thanks for the links, Luke. Tobias Tak had mentioned Roland to me and only then did I do some research on him and find out that I've been a huge fan of his for most of my life due to his work on Fantastic Planet.

The Clark Ashton Smith link is greatly appreciated. I wasn't aware there was such a great gallery dedicated to his work.

Both these artists have some very inspiring imagery.

Arctic Luke said...

I agree. Also stopped by to mention Stephen O'malley's site Ideologic.org - he tends to link to pretty cool new artists.