Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jacques Callot - The Temptation of Saint Anthony
Click here to download the full size 4.9 megabyte copy.

The above two detail shots of this first version of Callot's Temptation of Saint Anthony is slighty different. If you look closely you'll see slight visual differences between it and the original. If anyone has access to the full composition of this copy, I would love to see it.

"Jacques Callot was one of the brightest and most individual of 17th-century French artists. He worked in almost all the genres of his time: historical, religious, portrait, landscape, genre painting etc, often turning to grotesque and satire which, since these genres were officially ‘in disgrace', were not widespread in 17th-century art. The most inspired of all his satirical and grotesque works is the engraving The Temptation of St Anthony, also known as The Second Temptation of St Anthony, because Callot had already created a work on this subject in 1617." - quote source

Click here to download the full sized 4.7 megabyte copy. The following are copies and ink sketches of the above composition.

Today marks the 4th year that Monster Brains has been online. I wanted to contribute something special on this day so I decided on two of my favorite artworks, the two engravings by Jacques Callot on the subject of the Temptation of Saint Anthony from 1617 and 1630. I'd also like to thank the person who provided me with the incredibly large copies of those two works a few years ago, you know who you are.


crabula said...

Congratulations on the 4 year mark. I just recently found this site and I am in Hell Heaven.

Jodi said...

Happy 4th year birtday Monsterbrains--You are a never ending source of inspiration and a pleasure school of monster learning

beebe said...

Still one of my favorite blogs. Thanks for all of the hard work and effort.

Zagnut said...

Truly great things on this site.
These temptation pieces are great

x said...

i cant download the picture of "Jacques Callot - The Temptation of Saint Anthony"
from this link:

could you do something with it?

Aeron said...

Strange, I wonder why the link broke, the site doesn't have a timed download. I'll have to dig the pic and post it again soon.