Friday, July 10, 2009

And A Few More Satirical Abominations
Artist Unknown, (A lampoon against the aristocracy) "The rascals fear the reverberators." engraving from 1789. The title is no doubt a horribly butchered version of the original French text but still sounds awesome, almost makes me think of a David Bowie album title.

Artist unknown - With the second order of the State (watercolour, brown ink, brown washing, feather drawing) 1789-99
Political satire of the French Revolution..

Artist unknown "Caricature against the Aristocracy" 18th-19th C.

Artist unknown "Patriotic hunting for the large animal." 18th-19th C.

I might have posted that top image previously, not sure. I went ahead and ran a full week of satirical artworks, largely at the request of Paul Rumsey. I've had a much larger week of political cartoons with monsters planned for a long time but still need to really dig into my sources to find the good stuff. Particularly WW2, I know there's a lot of crazy caricatures of nazi war machines, tentacled swastika beasts stretching across the planet, things like that, all of which I'll be posting at a later date. Any suggestions for good places to look would be very welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work Aeron, it has been a great week, nearly all of these picturs were new to me. I look forward to the week of WW2 satirical monsters.
The "Caricature against the Aristocracy" with the nun and snake, is based on the "Chimere" by Louis Jean Desprez that you posted on Nov 16, 2008.
Paul Rumsey

Anonymous said...

.... good places to look, - I think that you know this one.....