Sunday, June 07, 2009

Classic Monster Toys, Record Cover and Popcorn Buckets!
I'll admit I'm bored to death with most art relating to the classic movie monsters.. unless you throw a demonic bird and some weird gargoyle thing into the mix, then I'm interested!

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And insane record covers are always an exception..
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And vintage popcorn buckets!
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KW said...

Awesomely terrific! thanks for sharing!

JohnnyS said...

You can download "Monster Bop" here: of my all time favorite albums.
Also search "Frankie Stein" on there, awesome monster grooves!

JohnnyS said...'s another site that's devoted to monster toys. Very cool stuff:

Evil Preacher said...

I use to have the werewolf!
I hope he is still in my parents place :)