Monday, May 11, 2009

Devil Tarot
Hanson-Roberts Tarot - Swiss, (1984)

H.R Giger - Baphomet, Tarot of the Underworld, Urania, Switzerland (1999)

info unknown

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Egorov Tarot - Austria, Piatnik (1992)

Ibis Tarot (Egypt Tarot) - Russia, by Josef Machynka (modern)

Tarot of the Gnomes - Italy, Lo Scarabeo (1995)

Tarot of the New Vision - Italy, Lo Scarabeo (2003)

Vedic Tarot - Russia (2000)


Crabula McDuck said...

Hi Aeron ! I'm playing my usual "go to the blog archive list and pick a random post" game. This is the first post i landed on. Awesome devil tarot art. I feel like Uncle Scrooge diving into his money vault except it's a vault full of monsters instead. Always inspiring.

Aeron said...

Thank you for commenting on this post, I just noticed some horrible images that tinypic replaced my original image urls with. I truly regret using that site for free image hosting but am slowly replacing it with my flickr account. I'll have to replace the lost devil tarot images in another post when I get the chance.

And yes, lots of older posts with a lot of fun monster related art to dig through on here! I hope to eventually have all older posts fully functional in the not too distant future so I won't have any more random broken image links.