Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be-Mon - 2 Headed Monster

The above are photos of the work of Japanese artist, Bemon. He created an amazing toy after the two headed monster that appeared in Jack The Giant Killer, previously mentioned here. The following quote sums up the toy and Bemon..

" Bemon - 2-Headed Bemon
Not too much is known about Bemon. He is sort of an enigma. His toys are limited to super low quantities, editions of 10, stuff like that. They sell out almost immediately, and then the resale value is 8-10x the retail price, only in one day! The two-headed Bemon is based off of the cover art from a vintage Famous Monsters of Filmland. Not sure if the monster ever appeared in any movies, but it was definitely something in the vein of Ray Haryhausen and the monsters from the Voyage of Sinbad."
- quote source.

See more photos of the 2 headed Bemon toy in this flickr set.

Additional pictures and information related to this Bemon toy can be found in this thread at Skullbrain.

This print would have been a lot better without those skulls in the background. - source

If anyone knows where I can find a high resolution scan of this cover, please let me know in the comments, thanks!

The above picture appears to show the original sculpture used for the stop motion filming of the two headed beast in Jack The Giant Killer, with a conceptual sketch of the creature in the background.

Much older illustrations of the monster from the Jack and the Giant story were previously mentioned here and here.


buzz said...

The FAMOUS MONSTERS 19658 Yearbook cover art is by Ron Cobb, cartoonist and designer for such movies as DARK STAR, STAR WARS, and ALIEN. IIRC he was a member of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society and met FAMOUS MONSTERS editor Forry Ackerman there.

Saucerman said...

*low whistle* One more nifty thing I'd love to own but probably never will...was this creature designed before or after Harryhausen debuted his Cyclops?

Aeron said...

Thanks for the info, Buzz!

Saucerman, Harryhausen's Cyclops first appeared in "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" in 1958. I think that film might have been what sparked the wave of fantasy films that followed after that? Jack The Giant Killer came out in 1962.

And I'm with you on the "would love to own but probably never will" I thought I'd find this on some Japanese site for 50 bucks but.. little did I know the limited quantity of these made!

Fritz die Spinne said...

One was also done by Shawn Nagle. I have it. Great kit!