Friday, September 12, 2008

Andres V Martinez
"a character I'm developing for my graphic novel. This is a scene i have planned where he battles a lechusa in Matamoros, Mexico"

Here is another version of this image in black and white posted at the Martinez's blog.

I looked up the lechusa to find out what exactly this odd beast is and found the following answer... "she has the ability to do both white and black magic, if you called upon them correctly they would grant your spell, but if you evoked them wrongly they would turn the spell against you, and you would die. legend has it that they had harnessed the power to shape-shift, in order to travel great distances when summoned.

This power could only be achieved at night, as after midnight they would transform themself into the lechusa. this creature was that of an owls body approximatly 4ft tall, with a wingspan of 9 feet, the face was still that of the curandera woman, although the eyes glowed red, and the lips were streched back showing charred gums and the teeth of the devil, their claws were sharp as knives, and frothing yellowed muccas dripped from its very nostrals." - quote source.

Read some of Martinez's Tejano Ghost Stories in comic panel format.

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