Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hieronymus Bosch Flavored Ale

I tried a bottle of this a few years ago and from what I remember it was pretty good.

If you go to the official "Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale" website you'll see a contest they're running where you can choose one of 9 different Bosch creatures that could become the new Tilburg mascot. You can win a cool Hieronymus Bosch t-shirt and some free booze. Everyone vote for this guy so we can get some cool threads and free alcohol, er, everyone over 21 that is! The blue bird guy is the best one of the 9 but I'm guessing they're not wanting to keep that on the bottle anymore since they're having a
"changing the character" contest. So the red cloaked bird dude is the next best one.

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Anonymous said...

hehe. this beats the minor threat hot sauce