Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dinos and Jake Chapman - An All New Hell

I've been anticipating this for some time after learning that Dinos and Jake Chapman planned on remaking their original Hell dioramas that were unfortunately destroyed in (of all things) a fire a few years back. The following quote from Times Online gives a proper description to the lost work... "a series of nightmarish Hieronymus Bosch-style dioramas arranged in the shape of a swastika, which was destroyed in the Momart warehouse fire in East London in 2004." A series of photos from the original Hell can be viewed here, warning there is a pop up.

The new Hell exhibit which is titled "Fucking Hell" appears along with a collection of watercolor paintings by Adolf Hitler, all of which have been defaced, or improved, depending on how you look at it..
The following is another quote from the Times Online website regarding this series.. " Bought anonymously from collectors around the world for a total of £115,000, the Hitler watercolours are mostly plodding landscapes and a few smaller studies. The Chapman brothers have transformed them — the gallery uses the word “annihilated” — by painting rainbows, psychedelic skies, floating lovehearts and smiley faces into the background of each picture."

Suzanne G of the excellent Wurzeltod website has posted a great article on the exhibit with numerous links to photos and additional links related to the work.

I'm looking forward to more detailed photographs of the Fucking Hell exhibit appearing online. It would be nice if someone were to present these dioramas in a similar fashion to the Halo 3 dioramas that were being used to advertise the game last fall.

More links to works by the Chapman brothers previously mentioned here and here.

Below is a brief interview with the Chapman Brothers from a Russian television show..

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