Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Favorite Posts of 2016

The following are ten of my favorite posts from 2016, in no particular order. I look forward to sharing more interesting monster related artists and imagery in 2017.

I should also mention that any donations towards Monster Brains are greatly appreciated and make it possible for me to devote the vast amount of time that the site requires to be able to share the amazing kinds of art as found in the list below. 

If you find any value in the hundreds of hours that I've spent scanning, tracking down, researching and preparing artwork for Monster Brains, a donation of any amount would be immensely appreciated.

The donation button can be found in the top right, thank you!

1 - Norman Lindsay

2 - Der Orchideengarten

3 - Theodor Kittelsen

4 - James Ensor

5 - Utagawa Kuniyoshi

6 - Albín Brunovský

7 - John D Batten

8 - Vladimir Gazovic

9 - Carlotta Bonnecaze's Float Designs

10 - Arent van Bolten

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