Sunday, March 31, 2013

Puffed Shoggoths - An H.P Lovecraft Art Zine

Trevor Henderson - Puffed Shoggoths Cover Sam Heimer - Cthulhu Sam Bosma - Cthulhu Jimmy Giegerich  - Dagon Trevor Henderson, an amazing artist who has previously created a Monster Brains logo, is running a kickstarter to fund the publication of Puffed Shoggoths, an H.P Lovecraft inspired art zine with over 50 contributing artists. Other artists involved include FuFu Frauenwahl, whom you will recognize as being responsible for the current Monster Brains logo, Sam Heimer, Jon Vermilyea, Jimmy Giegerich, Sam Bosma, Michael DeForge and many others.

 Visit the kickstarter page here and see previews of art from the book at the Puffed Shoggoths Tumblr.

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