Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prints and Drawings of Saint Margaret and the Dragon
Drawing attributed to Denis Calvart, 1589. (Pen and brown ink, with grey-brown wash, heightened with white (oxidised), over black chalk)

Etching/Engraving by François Chauveau, after Nicolas Poussin, 1628-1676.

Etching by Marcantonio, after Francesco Francia, 1500-1510.

Michiel Snyders, engraving, 1613. Illustration to page 91 of Aubert le Mire's "Sanctorum Principum ... Imagines"

Israhel van Meckenem, engraving, 1465-1500.

Lucas van Leyden, woodcut, 1517 (circa).

Engraving after After Marcantonio, 1500-1527.

Etching/Engraving after Raphael and Giulio Romano, 1600-1700.

Etching/Engraving by Louis Surugue after Raphael and Giulio Romano, 1729-1740. I know that I've posted a painting of this work before, I'm not sure what I labeled it as though. Dig through the Monster Brains archives and you'll find it.

Etching made by Joseph Eissner after Raphael, 1821-1828.

Etching made by Jan van Troyen, after Raphael, 1660.

All artworks found at The British Museum.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St. Margaret and the Dragon
St. Margaret of Antioch (France, 1490-1500)

St. Margaret (with St. Catherine), (Flanders, c. 1420-1440)

St. Margaret of Antioch. Illuminated manuscript ca. 1440.

t. Margaret (S. Netherlands, c. 1500-1525)

St. Margaret (France, c. 1490)

St. Margaret of Antioch (S. Netherlands, c. 1460)

St. Margaret (S. Netherlands, c. 1500-1510)

Many more depictions of Saint Margaret and the Dragon on display here.
Jack Porter - Dyspepsia the Dragon
- source

Monday, February 16, 2009

Deep Sea Monster Comics

Comic covers originally posted by Modern Fred.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arkady [Amirkhanov]? (Fairy Tale Illustrations)

See more here. Name filtered through Babelfish from Russian, could be wrong?

Link suggested by Paul K of BibliOdyssey, thanks Paul!