Monday, June 22, 2009

Paperback Monster Paintings

1970 Quest For The Future A. E. Van Vogt, painting by John Schoenherr.

1965 Monsters A. E. Van Vogt, artist unknown.

These paintings along with dozens of other book covers can be viewed in this flickr set.


Doc Atomic said...

Love your blog. Great artwork in this post.

The bottom painting is (most likely) by Richard Powers. I'm not 100% positive since I can't see a signature anywhere, but the timing is right and he worked in a variety of styles, including this sort of mottled, creepy one. Some of his tell-tale details are there as well -- for instance, the weird, stringy "tendrils" coming off the creature in the lower right, the ribbing on the central monster, and the eyes/beak on the left most monster.

Anonymous said...

>>The bottom painting is (most likely) by Richard Powers.

Not Richard Powers for the 1965 MONSTERS cover, but John Schoenherr. :)


Doc Atomic said...

Are you certain? It screams Powers to me, but I'm basing it on an educated guess, not any real, concrete information. You clearly know something I don't, so I gladly defer to your assessment.

Wouldn't have guessed Schoenherr... Nice cover, either way!