Friday, June 19, 2009

Albert Nuetzell
Nude Woman on Dragon

"Mixed medium on board, rendered on two boards with a 1/4 inch spacer between the layers, creating a three-dimensional effect."

Sea Monsters

"Mixed medium on board, rendered on two boards with a 1/2 inch spacer between layers creating a three-dimensional effect."

These were both used for some sort of pulp fantasy/horror magazines but I'm not aware of the titles.

I found one gallery online for the artist here. Paintings found at the Heritage Auction website.


Anonymous said...

The picture of the monsters and the submarine is a rather poor copy of a Frank R. Paul cover for Amazing Stories, February 1927 issue.
It illustrates the lead story, "The Land That Time Forgot" by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
There is a full page colour repro of the cover in "One Hundred Years of Science Fiction Illustration" by Anthony Frewin.
Paul Rumsey.

Aeron said...

I thought that looked familiar! Thanks for the info, Paul.

Anonymous said...

And the nude on the dragon is a copy of a cover from the magazine "Fantastic Adventures", June 1941 by H.W. McCauley. You can find it in the "Art of Imagination" book by Robinson, Weinberg and Broecker.
Paul Rumsey.