Monday, April 27, 2009

Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit!

Coming this October is a 120 page graphic novel by Johnny Ryan that, in the words of Eric Reynolds, "is going to rock your world."

" Priosn Pit is an original graphic novel from the pen of Johnny Ryan, best known for his humor comic, Angry Youth Comix. Prison Pit represents a marked departure from AYC or his Blecky Yuckerella weekly comic strip, combining his love for WWE wrestling, Gary Panter's "Jimbo" comics, and Kentaro Miura's "Berserk" Manga into a brutal showcase of violence, survival and revenge. Imagine a blend of old-fashioned role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons crossed with contemporary adult video games like Grand Theft Auto, filtered through Ryan's sense of humor.

The book begins with C.F. (his full-name would be too horrifying to reveal here) being thrown into the Prison Pit, a barren negative-zone populated by intergalactic, violent monster criminals. In this first volume, C.F. gets into a bloody slorge war (a slorge is a giant slug that excretes a steroid-like drug called "fecid" that all the monster men are addicted to) with ultraprisoner Rottweiler Herpes and his henchmen Rabies Bloodbath and Assrat. The ensuing blood-bath is an over-the-top, hyperviolent yet hilarious farce worthy of Ryan's inspiration, Kentaro Miura." - quote source.

The above artworks were sent courtesy of Johnny Ryan, who I'm happy to find out reads Monster Brains all the time.

Fantagraphics has previews of their 2009-2010 releases available across a series of pdf files. You can see the pdf file with additional pages of Ryan's Prison Pit here.

Visit Johnny Ryan's website to see more of his comics, toys and artwork.


adam niemara said...

this book looks amazing

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Angry Youth Comix are amongst the funniest things in the world today, yep. I'll definitly be looking out for this one.

Matt said...

This looks -so awesome-. Love that the protagonist is C.F.