Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art From Deleted Nightbreed Sequence
"Diadaria and the Mezzick-Muul"

"An early sculpt of the Mezzick-Muul"

"Rory Fellowes on-set, animating Diadaria and the Mezzick-Muul"

"The stop motion animation of Diadaria (originally called Nesta) and the Mezzick-Muul was one of twelve animation sequences initially approved for development under the control of Rory Fellowes as Animation Designer - a similar role to the one he'd taken on Hellbound: Hellraiser 2."

Text and imagery taken from the article recently posted at The Clive Barker Resource site, Revelations. See more photos, drawings and a short video showing the stop motion set piece here.


Al Bruno III said...


NIGHTBREED was for me a movie ahead of its time... the tv series ANGEL always reminded me of it in some ways.

It always saddened me that Barker never finished the proposed trilogy of stories.

If there were ever a film that needed a remake.

Anonymous said...

wow these are awesome!