Monday, March 23, 2009

Johannes Høie - Floodland

"Floodland, a dark and gloomy gothic fantasy tale where horror, mythology and the occult play head-on with twisted emotions and disturbing erotisism. Partly a love story, partly an apocalyptic elegy, and partly a grotesque portrait of corruption and evil Floodland is a poetic saga where the surreal mixes up with reality in a dystopic universe not necessarily very different from our own. Each drawing is a part of the tale as a whole, and they are now beeing developed into graphic novel books. This last year a significant part of Floodland has involved gigantic walldrawings freehand drawn directly onto the walls like temporary drawing stunts. This drawing practice is very similar to those of the older east-asian masters of ink drawing, where the zen-aspect of controlling the line with precision in one single hand movement is a central part of the drawing practice. In his walldrawings Høie is interested in the physichal experience of the monumental size, and how it amplifies the escapistic as well as the expressive aspects of his images."

See more at the artist's website.

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jason said...

My friend shared this site with me. Thanks so much for cataloging all this pieces. I visited the Floodlands site. Beautiful. It might not be in the same vain, but I wanted to share my own appreciation for beasts... Thanks.