Monday, January 26, 2009

Xanten, Dom St. Victor, Antonius Altar, details

Painting details found in this flickr collection.


E said...

Does anyone know the reason for the additional face over the genitalia of the demons?

I've found other images depicting the devil/demons with a face over the loins (and other additional areas of the figure), but never a clear explanation that points to why this element is included.

Strany said...

The explanation you will find it in the Tarot of Marseille, in the Devil Card (arcana XV).

Lucifer, in latin, means "lux ferre" the one who carries the light. The one who enlights the shadows. Meaning that is the one who tempts the human being to explore the darker sides of the soul.

Also means knowledge. And the faces spread over the body in different heights means that the devil works in different levels. So it's present in different worlds, especially in the material side. Also answers a need of the catholic church of demonizing the sex (and women) after the persecution of the catharism.