Friday, December 19, 2008

Heather B Swann - Gates Of Hell, 2007
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"The multi-headed dog monster Cerberus protects the entrance of Hades, the classical underworld. Swann’s sculpture stands guard at the Degraves Place entrance to the Flinders Street pedestrian underpass.

Gates of Hell has its origin both in the stories of Greek and Roman mythology, of Hercules and Orpheus, and in the forms of French Romanesque sculpture, with its heraldic, symbolic and decorative beasts and its Last Judgement hell mouths.

More important than these cultural references, however, is the work’s primitive emotion, its expression of angry threat.

Cerberus’s biting, barking heads are designed to frighten us. The artist is challenging our complacency and lethargy.

She wants us to think about (and act against) the hellishness of now, the purgatories and punishments of the contemporary world.

Sculpture manufactured in collaboration with Ian Burns and John Clark of Millennium Art Services." - quote source

I imagine this sculpture being 500 feet tall and the box shape surrounding the beast acting as a prison. Were it to open it would release a vast animal from which thousands of long tentacle like necks would snap in every direction, each attached to giant snarling dog heads.

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Asa said...

That is an amazing piece. Seriously sends chills down my spine.