Saturday, September 27, 2008

Patricia Piccinini

Bodyguard (for the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater)
Installation view, Robert Miller Gallery, NYC 2004
Silicone, timber, leather, fur, single channel display

Surrogate (for the Northern Hairynosed Wombat) 2005
Silicone, fibreglass, plywood, leather, fur

Undivided, 2005
Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, teddy, bed and linen

I've been meaning to do a post on Piccinini for a long time, after my last post now is as good a time as any. Her sculptures remind me of hyper realistic Jim Henson muppets

The following is a quote regarding Piccinini's artworks from The Frye Museum.

"Fantastic, hyper-realistic sculptures of customized life forms are featured in Hug, the first U.S. survey of work by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Informed by recent advances in and complex questions raised by genetic research, Piccinini’s sculptures, photographs, and video installations examine the precarious relationships among animals, nature, science, and technology.

The artist has long focused on the representation of humans and animals, emphasizing the capacity for manipulation and enhancement through biotechnological intervention. Her artwork explores potential, often ambiguous, interactions between humans, animals, and human–animal hybrids. For Piccinini, humanity bears physical and ethical responsibility for experimentation with the natural and the artificial; her artwork challenges us to embrace, for better or worse, the unanticipated consequences of those investigations."

See more at her website.

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Anonymous said...

I saw her work in NY years was wonderful. Very interesting and unique stuff.