Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hyakkiyagyou Picture Scroll

I managed to find one site related to this scroll in Japanese. Roughly translated from babelfish the scroll is described as.. ' Hundred ogre night traveling picture scrolls ' I'm not sure if these are related to the Yokai group of Japanese spirit/demons. If anyone has more info related to this scroll I'd like to read more about it.

Images found at the Tohoku University Library online gallery.
I found this site thanks to Peacay's tip off to Morbid Anatomy related to the imagery of Japanese anatomical charts. I just started randomly clicking through the pile of Japanese links on that site and fortunately stumbled into this goldmine of weird Japanese beasts.


Bregman said...

I'd say it looks like there are a couple connections to the Yokai monsters. On scroll 2, about two-thirds from the left you can see what appear to be a couple Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that become imbued with souls after one-hundred years of existence ( One of the more recognizable Yokai monsters being the Tsukumogami Karakasa, the cyclopean parasol monster.

I've seen a nod to this type of scroll in the Capcom video game Okami recently as well. The monsters that you encounter throughout the game are compiled in a bestiary that is presented as a beautiful hand-drawn scroll. I can't seem to find visual reference for it on the web though...

Aeron said...

I downloaded the Okami artbook a year ago and it has some incredible artwork packed into it. I plan on posting pics from it during a weeklong post dedicated to videogame monsters later this year. Anyone interested in the book can find it from the numerous trackers linked to from here -

There's actually an old side scroller videogame based specifically on Yokai creatures, check out some of the pixel art from the game here -

Tengu said...

Hyakki Yako scrolls like that are actually sort of like a genre, and there's a lot of them that recycle the same monster designs.

The oldest/most famous of them is the Shinju-an scroll, which you at least used to be able to see here:
The flash seems to be broken for me right now though and is just displaying red. Bleh.

And yes, they're generally considered part of the same tradition as other yokai art, and often incorporate tsukumogami-type figures.

You can get a paper on hyakki yako scrolls and tsukumogami here: