Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travis Lampe
I found the above painting titled "Surprise Paralysis Ray Hatch" at Travis Lampe's flickr page. For now this appears to be the only artwork on there but more Lampe art can be found on the rest of flickr.

The Li'l Apprentice

The Hasty Wish

The above two paintings were found at the DvA Gallery.

The Origin of the Beginning of Sadness

Deluge 1

Deluge 2

The above 3 paintings are part of Lampe's most recent exhibit of art titled Fantasy Cryland, more pictures from this show can be found at Rotofugi.com

More recent Lampe artwork can be seen on his facebook page, found thanks to The Lumper.

And then there is Lampe's official site.


Jerom said...

Very great stuff!

Li-An said...

Excellent. Funny ans strange.